To those of you who may be concerned…

If I unfriended you on Facebook and you were surprised, I am sorry.  

However, I have come to understand that Facebook is not good for me or my family.  It was as if I was having a conversation that was being evaluated by 500 people, I don’t need that.  No one needs that.

So, I’m not mad at you in the collective, or at you in the specific.  I’m just not going to bathe in the cesspool turd bath that Facebook has become.

And now for something fun:

One thought on “To those of you who may be concerned…

  1. Hey Vic! I mostly use it for Scouting and communicating with the theatre groups I work with… or used to work with… and you know my crazy Mom and aunties. But, I understand, I hope you will send a missive every now and then from the Frozen North about big ships and deep dives… two things I will never do!


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