How I learned to stop worrying and do nothing.

I am currently reading “How To Do Nothing” by Jenny Odell.  It’s a fascinating book and has pushed me over the edge of the social media globus.  Today I deleted my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.  I also deleted Google News and TikTok from my phone.  I had stopped looking at those sites a few weeks ago and nothing happened, except that I was a lot less stressed.  Odell is correct when she says that visiting social media sites leaves you in a state of low-grade dread.  In my case it also lead to a state of high-grade anger.  So…enough of that shit.

And now for something beautiful:

To those of you who may be concerned…

If I unfriended you on Facebook and you were surprised, I am sorry.  

However, I have come to understand that Facebook is not good for me or my family.  It was as if I was having a conversation that was being evaluated by 500 people, I don’t need that.  No one needs that.

So, I’m not mad at you in the collective, or at you in the specific.  I’m just not going to bathe in the cesspool turd bath that Facebook has become.

And now for something fun:

It’s been a long time…

I haven’t posted here in a long time!  I got sucked back into Facebook and that has been my primary social media outlet since, but I really, really would like to get out of that cesspool.  Working on it…


On the Good News front, Hadrian passed his PADI Scuba Instructor test today!  I am going down to Sharm el Sheik for a week in August, and he will come back with me when I return.  I think he is really looking forward to a cooler climate.