I’m fine. Just temporarily banned from Facebook.

I woke up this morning to an email from Facebook informing me that a post on one of the US Army Entertainment pages I administer had violated Facebook’s terms of service. As a result, that page, and my personal Facebook account were suspended. I have absolutely no idea what was posted. However, I suspect that someone trolled the page and posted a comment with something so vile that Facebook had to shut it down. But, again, I have no idea what happened.

So, I haven’t gone off in a huff. I’m just in the time out box for a while. Ironically, I was actually enjoying Facebook this time around.

Happy Thanksgiving!

31 years ago on Thanksgiving, I was in the Kearney Community Hospital with a broken neck, after I had totalled my brother’s BMW . This year, I was in the Sørlandet Sykehus in Arendal having elective surgery on my foot. I prefer this year’s model.

Election Day, 2020

Peace and serenity were our companions when this was taken today just before 09:00 out at Rossevann during our daily walk.  It was a bit muddy out in the woods, but the sun was just breaking through when we rounded the corner down on the old logging road.  

I fear that peace and serenity will not reign in my old homeland today.  Chaos seems likely to be America’s companion for the near future.  I wish her well.  I hope that whatever the decision, she can live with it with some measure of grace and dignity.  

We’ll see…

How I learned to stop worrying and do nothing.

I am currently reading “How To Do Nothing” by Jenny Odell.  It’s a fascinating book and has pushed me over the edge of the social media globus.  Today I deleted my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.  I also deleted Google News and TikTok from my phone.  I had stopped looking at those sites a few weeks ago and nothing happened, except that I was a lot less stressed.  Odell is correct when she says that visiting social media sites leaves you in a state of low-grade dread.  In my case it also lead to a state of high-grade anger.  So…enough of that shit.

And now for something beautiful: